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This release of Doom is based on The Ultimate Doom and Doom II and contains most of the levels and enemies from both games as well as about half a dozen exclusive maps.

The Doom maps are based off the Jaguar version and hence feature the same simplifications as that release. The PC Ultimate Doom and Doom II maps were converted especially for this release and also feature some simplifications, though not to the degree of the Doom maps. Some Doom II enemies have been added to the Doom and Ultimate Doom maps.

The engine has been upgraded to a 32 bit renderer allowing for smoother distance shading and more notably, in the PS1 version, coloured lighting. This version of Doom features also entirely new sounds and music.


  • ドゥーム - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 85% (based on 14 ratings)


Average score: 3.3 out of 5 (based on 89 ratings with 4 reviews)

My favorite game in history

The Good
I like the graphics because of the light and dark rooms you've always enter. The music and sound that I like the most is the plasma gun, shotgun, the sound of the monsters, and the BFG 9000.

The Bad
Every time I've died, I always start at the beginning of the level no armor, Pistol with 50 rounds, and 100% of health.

The Bottom Line
Do yourself a favor and get this game, I really think that ID Software really did a great job.

PlayStation · by Damian Armstrong (3) · 2013

Best console port of Doom.

The Good
+ New coloured lighting effects
+ Excellent soundtrack
+ It's Ultimate Doom and Doom II combined
+ Exclusive levels
+ Simple, but excellent controls

The Bad
- Passwords only
- Framerate hitches
- Dying is still a large penalty from the PC
- No episode selecting for Ultimate Doom
- Some areas are too dark

The Bottom Line
Presentation: 85/100
The PlayStation grants you with new lighting effects, exclusive levels, and having Ultimate Doom and Doom II combined, granting you 59 levels of absolute carnage. But there's no story.

Graphics: 80/100
The PlayStation port has new coloured lighting to make the theme of this port more gloomy with the sound and music to match. The level designs are made to be similar to the Atari Jaguar version. The framerate is decent, but it can bog down in large, massive areas in levels. The lighting effects are great, but some areas have too low lighting which makes those areas difficult to see, and strangely, gunfire does not create light.

Audio: 95/100
Unlike the PC version, with its rock-and-roll and metal type of music, The PlayStation version has more ambient sounds to its soundtrack, and blending more unsettling music, which fits to the new custom theme. It seems that the music on the PlayStation version feels like it could be the music that was first intended for the PC. The sound effects are changed too, in order to fit to the theme, also the guns have more punch in the sound.

Controls: 99/100
Since that Doom is not a cumbersome shooter, the keyboard-and-mouse controls translate well to the PlayStation controller. Triangle fires your weapon, Square makes you run faster, Circle is action, and X does the Jaguar/32X-styled strafing. L1 and R1 makes you strafe, and the L2 and R2 buttons cycle through your inventory. The map that can be opened by pressing Select. The button controls are customisable, which is always a good sign.

Difficulty: Turn it on hard for it to be more fun
The recommended difficulty for Doom is the hardest difficulty, called Ultra Violence, as it gives you a satisfying amount of enemies and gives you a challenge. The easiest difficulty is not recommended because it's just not fun to play with the small amount of enemies in levels and there's little to no challenge. Amusingly, the name of the easiest difficulty went from "I'm too young to die" to "I am a wimp." There is no Nightmare mode.

Gameplay: 90/100
The gameplay remains unchanged from the original versions. The new lighting effects gives the game a new look with the suspenseful soundtrack. There isn't really to say about the gameplay because it's not that much different from any of the other ports. Due to the game being released back when the PlayStation was just a new console, the game does not use memory cards. The only way to keep up with your progress is by passwords. Unfortunately, dying in Doom is the same on the PC, where if you die, you restart the level with your inventory being stripped down to a pistol. Restarting the level does the same results; the only way to get pass this is to reenter the password for the level.

Overall: 87/100
The PlayStation version is a definite must-have, as it provides 59 levels for Ultimate Doom, Doom II and the levels exclusive to the port. There's also multiplayer, but here's the thing: it requires a link cable, two televisions, two PlayStation consoles. If you have the PSone model, and looking for Doom multiplayer, you're out of luck.

Score: 87/100

PlayStation · by StickFigures (167) · 2017

An excellent reworked version for the PS1.

The Good
First off - I was quite surprised to see the low rating that this version has. I personally think the PS1 version is an exceptional port (technically though it's not a port more of a 'reworking').

I have been a big fan of the original Doom games for as long as I can remember. I own the original Ultimate Doom & Doom 2, so when I bought this PS1 version I was curious (and somewhat dubious at first) to see if it had been changed dramatically from the originals. What I found was an excellent port of the classic games.

The main good points that stood out for me on this version would definitely be the added atmosphere. Don't get me wrong, the original Doom games were creepy as hell (here we go with the bad jokes 8-)), but with the use of added lighting effects and the excellent ambient style music it adds another level of immersion.

Both The Ultimate Doom (Which includes the added episode 'Thy Flesh Consumed') & Doom 2 are included.

The Bad
There are only a few changes that could be considered bad by some people, and that is the omission of a few textures, in-game events and, most noticeably, a few maps. Although these maps were replaced by others that were not in the original games.

The Bottom Line
I think the folks at Williams Entertainment did an excellent job at reworking the Doom games to the playstation. Although not quite as good as the originals, If you can find a copy I highly recommend it!!!.

PlayStation · by M4tty (2) · 2014

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Secret levels

The Playstation version of DOOM lacks Doom II's secret Wolfenstein 3D themed levels Wolfenstein and Grosse (the level that also contains references to Commander Keen).

Information also contributed by Zovni


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