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Purple Tentacle, one of the crazy Dr. Fred's creations, drinks contaminated water from Dr. Fred's Sludge-o-matic. He mutates into an insane genius and grows arms, and now he's plotting to take over the world. In an effort to stop him, Dr. Fred sends three friends, Bernard, Hoagie, and Laverne back in time to yesterday, in order for them to turn off the Sludge-o-Matic and stop the sludge from spilling into the river, thus preventing the whole incident. Naturally, the cheap doctor uses a fake diamond over a real one in his time machine, which blows up sending Hoagie 200 years into the past and Laverne 200 years into the future.

Now the player must bring back Hoagie and Laverne, with the help of the time machine's ability to move objects between time periods, and then stop evil Purple from taking over the world.

Day of the Tentacle is a point-and-click adventure game and a sequel to Maniac Mansion. The player controls Bernard, and later also Hoagie and Laverne, being able to switch between them at any time. By using the commands at the bottom of the screen, the character can pick up items, use them on other things, talk to people, and more. Any of the three friends can also send his items across time to another friend.

The game takes place in the same area, but in three different eras, and thus affecting history takes a vital part in some puzzles. For instance, Hoagie can hide an item in the 18th century, and Laverne discovers it in the 23rd century - but by then, the item may have been affected by time and changed its properties.

The CD version of the game contains voice-overs for all the dialogues.


Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle DOS ...and Hoagie in the past (seen here with Benjamin Franklin)
Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle DOS Title screen
Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle DOS Laverne finds herself in a science room in the future. Note the ominous camera...
Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle DOS Hoagie will scratch his belly if you leave him alone for a while

Promo Images

Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle Magazine Advertisement Part 2
Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle Magazine Advertisement Part 1
Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle Other
Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle Magazine Advertisement


Alternate Titles

  • "瘋狂時代" -- Traditional Chinese spelling
  • "День Щупальца" -- Russian spelling
  • "יומו של הטנטקל" -- Hebrew spelling
  • "Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle" -- Informal title (used in LucasArts history website)
  • "Maniac Mansion 2" -- Informal title
  • "Il Giorno del Tentacolo" -- Italian title
  • "DOTT" -- Common abbreviation
  • "Der Tag des Tentakels" -- German title
  • "Den' Schupaltsa" -- Russian title

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User Reviews

Make my day tentacle.... DOS Zovni (10623)
The funniest computer game ever, and one hell of a game! DOS Tomer Gabel (4634)
Timeless masterpiece! DOS silent_driver (13)
Even funnier than Maniac Mansion DOS Katakis | カタキス (43085)
Crazy, funny, overall great game! DOS hikari_no_tsubasa (11)
perhaps LucasArts' best, right up there with Monkey Island... DOS Gothicgene (83)
A ludicrously funny romp through time! DOS Michael Reznick (38)
LucasArts strikes again! DOS Toka (16)

Critic Reviews

GameTrip.net DOS Jun 29, 2006 10 out of 10 100
About This Particular Macintosh Macintosh Feb, 1996 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars 100
WIZ DOS Sep, 1993 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars 100
Przygodoskop DOS Dec 08, 2006 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars 100
Jeuxvideo.com Macintosh Mar 31, 2010 19 out of 20 95
JeuxVideoPC.com DOS Jan 05, 2007 18 out of 20 90
Freak DOS Aug, 1993 90 out of 100 90
Play Time DOS Aug, 1993 87 out of 100 87
The Good Old Days (Staff Reviews only) DOS Jul 20, 2008 5 out of 6 83
Génération 4 Macintosh Feb, 1996 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars 83


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1001 Video Games

Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.

CD version

The CD version of the game features speech and no copy protection.


At one point during DOTT's development, the artists consulted with legendary animator Chuck Jones.

Maniac Mansion

Contains the original Maniac Mansion as an actual computer game (on a computer) inside the game.


The music playing during the intro is the ouverture to the opera Wilhelm Tell by the famous 19th century opera composer Gioachino Rossini.


  • In the mansion 200 years in the past, a picture of Max from Sam & Max Hit the Road can be seen.
  • Check out the Darth Vader calendar in Dr. Fred's office! You can also spot the Stormtrooper helmet in Green Tentacle's room (above the stereo and a bit to the left).
  • The title for Day of the Tentacle has obviously been influenced by the novel titled Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham. In this sci-fi novel, carnivorous, walking plants called 'Triffids', after waiting for the perfect opportunity, decide to end the reign of Humanity and take on the world.
  • Maniac Mansion is more than just a game within a game, it's also an integral part of the plot. Dr. Fred and his family (within Day of the Tentacle) licensed themselves into Maniac Mansion and should have become rich off the royalties. Well as luck would have it, the contract was never signed and so Dr. Fred lost out. During the course of the game's plot, you'll have to deal with this situation and get Dr. Fred reimbursed by the lawyers at Lucasarts.
  • Dr. Fred mentions the royalties that he lost from the 1990 TV Show based on his life, the YTV/Family Channel sitcom, Maniac Mansion, which takes great liberties from the source material.
  • The Couch Potato's Buying Network (shopping channel) within the game instructs viewers to call their operators at 1-800-STAR-WARS , otherwise known as the Lucasarts' hotline.
  • In DOTT, there is a reference to the Commodore 64 computer. The original version of Maniac Mansion was released for the Commodore and is the same version that can be played in Weird Eds room. Get Bernard to "talk to" the computer and he'll say something like "Hello computer, I still love you even though you have 64k of memory", This refers to the fact that Commodore 64s had 64k of RAM, and yes, Weird Ed's computer is obviously a Commodore 64
  • In the plot of the game, you are forced to use a microwave 200 years in the future to melt the frozen hamster left in the ice bin from 200 years ago. Laverne hopes that the microwaves aren't like the ones back in her time because they could really pop a hamster good. This is reference to the fact that you could microwave Ed's hamster in Maniac Mansion (causing the hamster to explode). Another reference to this is the fact that Ed's hamster used to be brown with white spots, now it is just brown.

References to the game

In The Secret Of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, Sam & Max can be seen outside of the Monkey Head Temple respectively in the Costume Store on Booty Island. In the Special Edition remakes of these games, the characters can still be seen in classic mode. However, when the games are hotswapped to the Special Edition modes they are replaced by Purple Tentacle!


  • Computer Gaming World
    • June 1994 (Issue #119) – Adventure Game of the Year (together with Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers)
    • March 1996 (Issue #140) – Introduced into the Hall of Fame
    • November 1996 (15th anniversary issue) - #34 in “150 Best Games of All Time" list
    • November 1996 (15th anniversary issue) –#3 Funniest Computer Game
    • November 1996 (15th anniversary issue) – Most Memorable Game Villain (Purple Tentacle)
  • GameStar (Germany)
    • Issue 12/1999 - #32 in the "100 Most Important PC Games of the Nineties" ranking
  • PC Powerplay (Germany)
    • Issue 06/2005 - #3 Likeable Secondary Character (for Bernhard, Hoagie and Laverne)
    • Issue 11/2005 - #7 Game Which Absolutely Needs A Sequel
  • Power Play
    • Issue 02/1994 – Best Sequel in 1993
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