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Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

[ PlayStation 3 ] [ Windows ] [ Xbox 360 ]

Xbox 360 credits (2008)

493 People (376 developers, 117 thanks)

Gearbox Software

Executive Producers
Associate Producer
Department Leads
Lead Programmer
Additional Programming
Lead Level Designer
Level Design
Cinematic Director
Cinematic Design
Additional Level Design
Lead Artist
Additional Art
Art Outsourcing
  • Exigent 3D
  • Halfbrick Studios
  • Lighthouse
  • Liquid Development
  • Virtuos Ltd.
  • Shadows in Darkness Inc.
Art Outsourcing Help
Lead Animator
Lead Audio Engineer
Additional Audio
Marketing Coordinator
Military Advisor
Executive Vice President
Chief FInancial Officer
VP & General Counsel
VP of Business Development
VP of Licensing
VP of Product Development
Director of Central Development
Central Animation Producer
Audio Director
Animation Director
Human Resources Director
HR Assistant
Additional HR
Creative Services Director
Administrative Assistant
Level Design Department Chair
Director of IT
Programming Department Chair
IT Support
Community Manager
Web Programmers
Office Manager
QA Director
QA Manager
Project QA Lead
QA Leads
Senior QA Analyst
QA Analyst
Game Manual
Voice Production
  • Dallas Audio Post Group
Voice Talent Direction
Supervising Sound Editor
Audio Engineers
Voice Talent
Orchestral Score Performed By
  • The Prague Filmharmonic Orchestra and Choir Prague
Score Composers
Score Conductor
Choir Master
Sound Engineer
Assistant Engineer
Music Contractor & Recording Manager
Additional Help
Gearbox Software is
Brothers in Arms Babies
Gearbox Software would like to thank
Special Thanks

Publishing and Marketing (Ubisoft Entertainment)

President & CEO
Worldwide Production Coordination Director
Game Content Manager
Chief Marketing Officer
International Brand Strategy Director
International Brand Group Manager
International Business Development
International Brand Manager
International Product Manager
Communication Artist
Manager DIrector
Marketing Director
Group Manager
Senior Brand Manager
Assistant Brand Manager
PR Director
PR Coordinators
Submission & Planning Coordinator
Community Coordinator
Paper Parts Coordinator
Managing Director
VP Marketing
Group Brand Manager
Associate Brand Manager
Senior PR Manager
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Localization Project Manager
Localization Integrator
German Loc Project Managers
French Recordings
French Translation
German Translation & Recordings
Italian Translation & Recordings
Spanish Translation & Recordings
Localization Tests
  • Enzyme Testing Labs
Studio Director
Localization Department Manager
Project Manager
Linguistic Testers
Worldwide Quality Control Director
Montreal Quality Control Studio Manager
Lead Compliance Specialist
Compliance Specialists
Ubisoft would like to thank

Multiplayer (Rockstar New England)

Core Team
Additional Help

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