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Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds

aka: Ultima Underworld 2

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Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds takes place one year after the events of Ultima VII: The Black Gate. To celebrate the defeat of the Guardian, Lord British invites the Avatar and his companions to his castle. However, in the night of the feast the Guardian attacks again, encasing the castle in a giant gem of blackrock. Deep in the sewers of the castle, another blackrock gem is found, created as an aftereffect of the attack. This gem is a teleporter to other worlds controlled by the Guardian. Now the Avatar must travel to these worlds in order to free the castle from the Guardian's spell.

This sequel to Ultima Underworld plays almost exactly as the original, with its 3D world, action-oriented combat, magic system and multiple-choice conversations. The player creates the character of Avatar, choosing gender, class, and initial skills. These range from weapon proficiencies to social abilities such as diplomacy and bartering. Some of the skills can be increased during the course of the game by visiting trainers. After having accumulated a sufficient amount of experience points, the Avatar levels up, and his hit points and mana are increased. Like its predecessor, the game features an interactive world: many objects can be manipulated and physically moved.

The game's storyline is more connected to the main Ultima series than that of its predecessor, and the game world is larger and has more variety: besides the usual castles and dungeons there are such diverse locations as an ice world, an alien place called Talorus and the enigmatic Ethereal Void. Graphics and sound have also been improved: the size of the viewing window has been increased, there are new monster graphics and the game now features digitized sound effects.

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1001 Video Games

The PC version of Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.

Locked chest

In Nystul's library in the castle, you'll find one of the chests is locked and can't be opened. The only way to open it is to leave the castle and enter any of the eight worlds through the blue gem down on the 5th level (doing so will allow you to cast spells in the 4th circle or above). Cast 'Open' (the cursor will change) and return from the blue gem and back to the castle. Open the chest and you'll find the book Nystul was hiding... "Sex" by Madonna!

References to other games

In Killorn Keep there is a cat like creature called Blackie that you can talk to. He tells you the story of his race, the Trilkhai, which has a striking resemblance to the Kilrathi of the Wing Commander games (also by Origin). (Note also: The word 'Trilkhai' is an anagram of the word 'Kilrathi'.) The other Ultima game released around the same time (Ultima VII) also has a reference to the Kilrathi and it has been inferred that the space ships fought in Ultima 1 are actually Kilrathi fighters.


If you delete the shades.dat in the DATA subdirectory, you don't need torches or lamps in your quest any more due to the lack of shade maps. (Of course, this also means that every single environment you're in looks like daylight, which ruins the mood -- Ed.)

Virtues of the Guardian

Apparently, the Florida Department of Corrections have adopted the Virtues of the Guardian as their official virtues.

see it here (scroll to the bottom of the page)

Hmm... I realize that the Virtues of the Avatar could be a bit too touchy feely liberal for the organization. Still, did they really have to go so far as to emulate a guy who wants to take over the universe?


  • PC Player (German gaming magazine)
    • 1994 (Issue 01) - named "Best Game of 1993"

Information also contributed by Alan Chan, Fafnir, Itay Shahar, Patrick Breggar, and Vance

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