đź‘ľ The lost Atari arcade game returns with Jeff Minter's Akka Arrh

Frontlines: Fuel of War

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Xbox 360 credits (2008)

364 People

Kaos Studios

General Manager
Senior Producer
Design Director
Art Director
Software Director
Audio Director
Art Production Manager
Project Manager
Systems Admin
Associate Producers
Community Manager
Additional Production
Lead Designer
Multiplayer Supervisor
Single Player Supervisor
Lead Level Designer
Level Design
Game Design
Writing / Cinematics
Additional Design / Writing
Lead Programmer
Additional Programming
Vehicle Art Supervisor
Weapon / Char. Supervisor
Static Art Supervisor
Level Art Supervisor
FX Supervisor
Animation Supervisor
Cinematic Tech Animator
Concept Artists
UI Supervisor
UI Technical Lead
UI Artists/Designers
Additional Art
Military Consultant
Voiceover Actors
Voice Editing Assistance
Human Resources & Recruiting
Office Management
Help Desk Technician
QA Supervisor
QA Team


President and CEO
Ex VP Worldwide Studios
Finance & Admin, Product Dev
VP Asia Pacific Region
Director, Creative Management
VP, Business Development
EVP, Business & Legal
VP, Business & Legal
Manager, Business & Legal
Counsel, Business & Legal
Manager, Legal
Legal Specialist
Contracts Specialist
Contract Administrator
Legal Assistant
Global Brand Manager
Sr. Manager, Media Relations
Director, Global Brand Management
SVP, Worldwide Marketing
VP Corp. Communications
Director of Localization
European Localization Director
European Localization Engineer
THQ Japan
Localization Manager, Buka
Director, Worldwide QA
QA Managers
Senior Test Lead
XBOX Senior Test Lead
Test Supervisors
Test Leads
Senior Testers
PC Supervisor
PC Specialist
QA Technicians Supervisor
PC QA Technicians
Mastering Lab Supervisor
Mastering Lab Technicians
Remastering Project Manager
Database Supervisor
Database Administrator
Operations Coordinator
Sr HR Generalist
Additional QA Support
  • iEnergizer Team
Volition QA Supervisor
Volition QA Coordinator
Volition QA Assistant Coordinator
Volition QA Strike Leads
Volition QA Testers
First Party Supervisor
First Party Specialist
Customer Service Supervisor
Customer Service
Vice President of Operations-PD
Director of Engineering
Project Manager
Assoc Art Production Manager
Accounts Payable Specialists
Senior Financial Analyst
Director, Comp & Benefits
Director, HR Worldwide
Manager, HR
Benefits Administrator
HR Coorindator
Payroll Manager


General Manager
Manager Development Test
Senior Artists

THQ Studio Australia

Project Manager
Lead Programmer
Technical Art Supervisor
QA Manager
QA Lead
QA Programmer
Director of Production
Studio Manager
Office Coordinator
IT Support

Demurge Studios

Technical Art

Art-Coding Co., Ltd.

Art Manager
Team Art Leaders

Sylum Studios

3D Art Director
2D Art Director
Technical Director
Team Manager
Lead 3D Artist

Nfusion Interactive

Project Lead
Level Design/UI
Level Design
Quality Assurance
Business Dev

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