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Xbox 360 credits (2011)

722 people (653 professional roles, 69 thanks) with 751 credits.

A THQ Production

Developed and Created by
  • Kaos Studios
Created by

Kaos Studios - Development Team

Senior UI Graphic Artist, UI Supervisor
Associate Producer
Programmer, Animation
Associate Producer, Outsourcing, Cinematics
Senior Artist, Environments Lead
Sr. Concept Artist, Environments, Characters
Programmer, Graphics
Studio Marketing Manager
Director of Development
Senior Level Designer, Single-player
Senior Programmer, Gameplay
Programmer, Tools
Senior Artist, Vehicles & Weapons Lead
Senior Level Designer, Multiplayer
Senior Artist, Environments
Senior Concept Artist, Vehicles, Weapons
Senior Designer, Multiplayer
Technical Designer, Single-player, AI
QA Tester
IT Manager
QA Supervisor
Senior IT Manager
Sr. Audio Designer, VO Drector / Casting
Principal Designer, Single-player Lead
Senior Programmer, Programming Lead
Programmer, AI
Senior Designer, Multiplayer Lead
Associate Programmer, User Interface
Senior Designer, Single-player Levels Lead
Associate Level Designer, Single-player
Senior Programmer, Online
Senior Programmer, AI
Programmer, Gameplay
Associate Producer, Multiplayer
Senior Artists, Statics
Principal Artist, Lighting Lead
Principal Artist, Cinematics Technical Lead
Community Manager
Concept Artist, Environments, Characters
Level Designer, Single-player
Associate Level Designer, Single-player, Multiplayer
Senior Programmer, Engine
Senior Technical Artist, Visual FX Lead
Senior Animator
Artist, Statics
Senior Artist, Weapons
Associate Designer, Writing, QA
Senior Project Manager
Senior Animator, Cinematics
Administrative Assistant
Technical Artist, Visual FX & Shaders
Artist, Characters
Programming Manager
Art Manager
Technical Designer, Multiplayer, Vehicles
Producer, Business Relations
Senior Programmer, User Interface
Senior Programmer, Engine Lead
Director of Technology
Senior QA Tester
Art Director
QA Manager
Senior Programmer, Tools
Director of Operations
Systems Analyst
Producer, Single-player
Senior Programmer, Graphics
Associate Programmer, Gameplay
Service Desk Technician
Programmer, Online Lead
Director of Human Resources
Lead Technical Artist
General Manager, Creative Director
Artist, Vehicles
Operations Analyst
Sr. Designer, Single-player / Writing / Backstory
Written by
  • John Milius (Our sincere appreciation goes out to John for his writing and guidance and his endless fountain of creative ideas that helped shape Homefront in a way we couldn)

Additional Development

Senior Animator
Level Designer, Single-player
Senior Character Artist
Senior Technical Artist, Shader Development
Senior Designer, Backstory
Art Director
Senior Technical Artist, Lead Rigger
Technical Artist, Rigger
Technical Artist, Visual FX
QA Tester
Senior Level Designer, Single-player
Senior Technical Artist, Rigger
Military Consultant
Lead Character Artist
Motion Capture Director, Cinematics
Story & Creative Consultant
Senior Technical Artist, Cinematics
Logo Animation & Design
Character Artist
Lead Animator, Cinematics
Associate Artist, Lighting
Project Manager, Cinematics
Level Designer
Senior UI Graphic Artist
Associate Designer, Multiplayer
Senior QA Tester
Envronment Artist
Environment Artist
Foley Editor

Art Bully Productions, LLC

Art Lead
Project Director

Blue Shift, LLC

Chief Technical Officer
Technical Artist
Chief Operating Officer
Office Manager

Blue Tongue Entertainment Ltd.

Lead Engine Programmer
Senior Game Programmer

Curious Pictures

Mocap Lead
Line Producer
Facial Animator
Technical Director
Executive Producer
Lead Technical Director

Game Mechanic Studios, LLC

Creative Director
Production Coordinator
QA Tester
Technical Artist
Art Director
Environment Artist
Lead Artist
Project Manager
Concept Artist
Lead Gameplay Programmer

Relic Entertainment

Senior Programmer - Online

THQ Digital Studios UK

Senior Programmer - Online

THQ Montreal

Senior Programmer - Graphics
Programmer - Engine
Programmer - Tools
Programmer - Gameplay
Programmer - Graphics
Principal Technical Artist
Senior Programmer - Physics
Senior Programmer - Programming Lead

Vigil Games

Senior Level Designer - Single-player

Winking Entertainment, Ltd.

Project Manager
Associate Project Manager
Art Lead
Art Director


Additional Thanks

Homefront Music Credits

Music Score composed by
Music Score produced and arranged by
Orchestrated and additional arrangements by
Orchestral recording producer
Orchestral Contractor
Score Mixed by
Orchestral Recording Engineer
French Horn
Bass Trombone
Mastering at Brandon Productions, Somers, NY by
All Music
  • ¬© 2011 Songs of THQ except as otherwise noted below

"Black Blade"

Courtesy of
  • Extreme Production Music USA

"Burning Love"

Performed by
Written by
Courtesy of
  • The RCA Records Label by Arrangement with Sony Music Licensing
Published by
  • Sony
  • ATV Songs LLC

"Closer To Home"

Written by
Produced by
Mixed by
Mastered by
Guitar and bass
Synths, loops programming, percurssion
Backing vocals
Recorded Mixed and Mastered at
  • Brandon Productions; Somers; NY
© 2007
  • Songs of THQ

"Korea (North)"

Courtesy of
  • APM Music

"Time Has Come Today"

Performed by
  • The Chambers Brothers
Courtesy of
  • Columbia Records
By arrangement with
  • Sony Music Licensing
  • Universal Music - Careers
All right administered by
  • Universal Music - Careers


Music Services provided by
  • Sessing Music Services

Voice Work and Motion Capture

Additional Performance By
Motion Capture Cast
Union Signatory
  • VoiceWorks Productions Inc.
Sound Recording Studios
  • Brandon Productions
  • CDM Sound Studios Inc.
  • Dubway Studios LLC
Motion Capture Studios
  • Curious Pictures
  • Perspective Studios Inc.
Recording Studio Engineers
Dialogue Editors
Face / Likeness Body Models
Additional Models

Additional Localization Testing Services Provided by Babel

Vice President, QA
Pre-Production Coordinator
Project Managers
Senior Localization QAC
Localisation QAC
French Team
Italian Team
German Team
Spanish Team
Dutch Team
Functionality Team


A Special Thanks to...
And finally...
  • To all of the spuses; significant other; friends and family members who supported their loved ones during the development cycle that brought Homefront to fruition; you have our deepest gratitude. This wouldn't have been possible without you.
Homefront Babies

THQ Inc.

Director, Project Management
Associate Project Manager
Creative Manager
Executive Art Director

THQ Product Development

EVP, Core Game Brands
SVP, Core Studios
VP, Production
VP, Core Finance
VP, Creative Development
VP, Technology
VP, Product Development
Director of Technology
Director, Creative & Business Development
Senior Global Operations Manager
Associate Project Manager, Central Operation
Assistant Project Manager, Central Operations
Director, Fiction Development
Music Director, Worldwide Studios
Director, Video Services
Senior Video Editor
Senior Video Animation
Video Production Coordinator
Administrative Assistant

Localization Group

Director, Localization Worldwide
Director, Localization Development Group
Localization Project Manager
Senior Localization Project Manager
Associate Programmer, Localization Group
Project Manager, Localization Development Group
European Localization Director
European Localization Engineer
European Localization Technician
Associate Localization Manager
Operations Coordinator, Korea

Finance, Core Group

Sr. Manager, PD Finance
Director, Strategic Planning
Manager, PD Finance
Financial Analyst, PD Finance
Sr. Manager, Strategic Planning
Sr. Financia Analyst, PD Finance
Executive Assistant
Administrative Assistant

THQ XDG (External Development Gropup)

Director of Online PD & XDG, Asia Pacific
Director of Engineering
Project Manager
Associate Project Manager
Sr. Technical Artist
Art Production Director
Art Manager
Associate Programmer
Office Coordinator

THQ Quality Assurance

Director, Quality Assurance
QA Supervisor
Senior QA Lead
QA Leads
Senior Tester
Compliance QA Manager
Compliance QA Supervisors
Compliance Project Leads
Compliance QA Specialists
Submission Coordinator
Outsource Supervisor
Outsource Project Leads
Senior Outsource Specialist
Outsource Specialists
HP Project Manager
HP QA Leads
HP QA Testers
QA Operations Manager
Senior Supervisor, Mastering
Senior Mastering Lab Technicians
Mastering Lab Technicians
Senior QA Operations Technicians
QA Operations Technicians
Database Administrator
QA Data Analyst
QA HR Administrator
Customer Service Supervisor
Customer Service Representatives
Senior Manager, Usability
Usability Coordinator
QA Special Thanks

THQ Publishing

VP, Global Brand Management
Director, Global Brand Management
Global Brand Manager
Associate Brand Manager
Global Communications Manager
Senior Manager, Creative Services
Global Traffic Manager
VP, North American Marketing
Director, Trade Marketing
Senior Manager, Public Relations
Manager, Marketing
Promotion Planning, Core
Public Relations Manager
Associate Marketing Manager
Administrative Assistant
European Marketing Director
Head of Marketing
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Supervisor, Marketing
Associate Product Marketing Manager
Marketing Assistant
Director, International Supply Chain
Supply Chain Team
VP, Digital Marketing Services
Director, Marketing Communications
Director, Community Management
Associate Public Releations Manager
Senior Manager, Connected Marketing
Associate Manager, Connected Marketing
Senior Web Producer
Associate Web Producer
Manual Text
  • Off Base Productions
Manual Layout / Design

THQ Business & Legal Affairs

EVP, Business & Legal Affairs
VP, Business & Legal Affairs
Director, Business & Legal Affairs
Legal Counsel, Business & Legal Affairs
Associate Legal Counsel
Sr. Manager, Contracts and Corporate Paralegal
Sr. Legal Specialist
Contracts Specialist
Sr. Contracts Analyst
Contracts Analyst
Executive Assistant

Corporate IT

Vice President of IT
Director of IT
Service Desk Manager
Service Desk Technician
Sr. Enterprise Systems Engineer
Database Engineer
Principal Network Engineer
Sr. Network Engineer
Sr. Security Analyst
Director of Corporate Applications
Operations Portfolio Manager
Technical Development Manager
Product Development Portfolio Manager
Senior HR Support Analyst
Senior Systems Analyst
Senior SAP Analyst


THQ Special Thanks
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