Star Wars: Battlefront II

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Xbox One credits (2017)

4,088 people (3,850 professional roles, 238 thanks) with 4,174 credits.

Directors Team

Executive Producers
Directors of Product Development
Art Director
Technical Art Director
Animation Director
Audio Director
Creative Director
Design Director
Technical Design Director
Technical Director
Development Directors
Senior Development Director Live Entertainment
Associate Design Director
Additional Senior Producers
Additional Art Directors


Development Directors
Lead Core Gameplay Designer
Lead Vehicle Designer
Lead Special Units Designer
Lead Character Designer
Lead World and Game Mode Designer
Lead Engagement Designer
Lead UI/UX Game Designer
2D Lead
Lead 3D Artists
Lead Character Artist
Lead Lighting Artist
Lead VFX Artist
Lead Concept Artist
Lead Sound Designer
Associate Technical Director
Lead Gameplay Engineers
Lead Rendering Engineers
Lead Online Engineers
Online Service Lead
Lead UI Engineers
Lead Build Engineer
Additional Animation Director
Lead Animators
Lead Technical Animator
Localization Director
Quality Assurance Director
Quality Assurance Project manager
QE Technical Director
Project Assistant
Additional Narrative Direction
Additional Partnership Management

Game Team: Design

Technical Designers
World and Game Mode Designer
Level Designers
Character Designers
Vehicle Designer
Core Gameplay Designers
Engagement Designers
UI Designers
UI Scripters

Game Team: Art

Senior Technical Artist
Technical Artists
Technical UI Artist
Environment Artists
3D Artists
Character Artists
VFX Artists
Lighting Artists
2D Artists
Level Artist
Concept Artists

Game Team: Engineering

Software Environment Engineer
Software Tools Engineer
Software AI Engineer
Software Hero Engieners
Software Core Gameplay Engineers
Software Vehicle Engineers
Software Online Engineers
Software Rendering Engineers
Software Core System Engineers
Software Audio Engineers
Software UI Engineers

Game Team: Animation

Core Gameplay Animators
Core Cinematic Animator
Core Technical Animators

Game Team: Audio

Sound Designers
Voice Over Designers
Audio Analyst
Additional Voice Over Designers

Game Team: Localization

Localization Development Manager

Game Team: Development QA

QA Project Managers
PMO Program Manager

Game Team: Art QA

QA Analysts

Game Team: Gameplay QA

Senior QA Analysts
QA Analysts

Game Team: Technical QA

Senior QA Analysts
QA Analysts
Special Thanks

Game Team: Quality Engineering

QA Director Engineering
QA Quality Engineers

Development and Release Engineering

Technology Director
Development Director
Lead Build Engineer
Build Engineers


Additional Technical Artists
Additional Environment Artists
Additional 3D Artists
Additional Concept Artist
Additional Lighting Artist
Additional Character Artist
Additional Technical Animation Director
Additional Animators
Additional Technical Animation lead
Additional Level Designers
Additional Software Engineers
Additional Narrative Designers
Additional Build Engineers

Special Thanks

Special Thanks

Media Team: Media Team Management

Media and Post Production Director
2D Media Manager

Media Team: Team

Senior Video and Media Directors Editors
Video and Media Director Editor
Media and Video Editors

DICE Studio: DICE Studio Leadership

Executive Producers
Studio Head of Content
Studio Head of Technology
Studio Head of Design
Studio Head of Development
Senior HR Manager
Finance Director
Executive Assistant
Line Managers

DICE Studio: HR

HR Business Partner

DICE Studio: Thanks to

HR Business Partners
HR Manager
Senior HR Coordinator

DICE Studio: Talent Acquisition

Senior Manager Talent Acquisition
Senior Recruiters
Talent Coordinator

DICE Studio: Business Affairs Development

Senior Vice President Business Affairs and Development
Vice President Business Affairs
Directors of Business Affairs Development
Director Talent
Manager Talent
Senior Manager Music Licensing
Production Assistant Business Development
Additional Production Coordinator

DICE Studio: Finance

Senior Finance Analyst
GL Accountant
Accounting Clerk
Payroll Specialist

DICE Studio: IT

Senior IT Manager
Lead System Engineer
System Engineers
Senior IT Service Specialist
IT Service Specialists

DICE Studio: RPM Service Management

RMP Service Lead
RPM Service Manager

DICE Studio: Facilities

Office Manager
Senior Facilities Coordinator
Associate Facilities Manager
Wellness Coordinator
Thanks to

DICE Operations: DICE Operations Management

Head of Operations
Senior Director of Technology

DICE Operations: DICE Operations Production

Senior Development Director
Lead Development Director
Development Directors

DICE Operations: DICE Operations Engineering

Associate Technical Director
Senior Manager Online
Lead Software Engineers
Software Engineers
Quality Engineers
Operations QA Lead
Operations Quality Analyst

DICE Operations: DICE Operations Launch and Release

Director of Launch and Release
Launch Director
Technical Director
Development Directors
Senior Release Manager
Release Managers
Additional Launch Support


Criterion GM
Criterion Studio
Special Thanks

EA Motive Studio: Production Leadership

Senior Producer
Senior Development Director
Game Director
Art Director
Content Producer
Narrative Producer
Technical Director
Technical Art Director

EA Motive Studio: Production

Development Directors
Development Managers
Production Coordinator

EA Motive Studio: Programming

Lead Gameplay Programmer
AI Programmers
Gameplay Programmers
UI Programmers
Core System Programmers
Tools Programmers
Rendering Programmers
Build Release Manager
Development Release Manager
Additional Programmers

EA Motive Studio: Technical Art

Technical Animators
Additional Technical Animator
Technical Artists

EA Motive Studio: Design

Design Director
Game Designers
Level Design Director
Technical Level Designer Director
Technical Designer
Lead Level Designer
Lead Narrative Designer
Level Designers
Narrative Director
Cinematic Designers
Additional Lead Game Designer
Additional Cinematic Designers

EA Motive Studio: Art

Lead Environment Artist
Lead Central Art
Environment Artists
UI Artist
Concept Artists
Lead Character Artist
Character Artists
Lead Lighting Artist
Lighting Artists
Lead VFX Artist
VFX Artists

EA Motive Studio: Audio

Lead Audio Designer
Voice Designer
Sound Designers

EA Motive Studio: Animation and Cinematics

Animation Director
Gameplay Animators
Cinematic Director
Cinematic Art Director
Lead Animator
Cinematic Animators
Camera Specialist
Video Editor
Additional Animators

EA Motive Studio: EA Vancouver Finaling Team

Associate Producer
Development Directors
Technical Art Director
Audio Designer
Level Designers
Art Director
Technical Artists
Environment Artists
Lighting Craft Director
Lighting Artists
CG Supervisor
VFX Artists
Quality Analysts

EA Motive Studio: Special Thanks

Special Thanks

EA Motive Studio: Motive Development QA - QA Management

Senior QA Manager
QA Project Manager
QA Project Lead

EA Motive Studio: Motive Development QA - Art QA

QA Analysts

EA Motive Studio: Motive Development QA - Narrative and Audio QA

QA Analysts

EA Motive Studio: Motive Development QA - Gameplay QA

QA Analysts

EA Motive Studio: Motive Development QA - Missions QA

QA Analysts
QA Testers

EA Motive Studio: Motive Development QA - Technical QA

QA Analysts

EA Motive Studio: Motive Development QA - Special Thanks

Special Thanks

EA Coastal

SVP Group General Manager
Head of Operations
Group Head of Technology
Group Finance Director
Group HR Director
Executive Assistant

Motive Studio: DICE Studio Leadership

Studio Technical Director
Senior Director of Operations
Administrative Assistant

Motive Studio: HR

HR Business Partners

Motive Studio: Talent Acquisition

Senior Recruiters
Talent Coordinator
Special Thanks

Motive Studio: Finance

Senior Finance Manager

Motive Studio: IT

Infrastructure Lead
Senior Infrastructure Specialist
System Administrator
IT Service Specialist

Motive Studio: Facilities

Facilities and Corporate Services Manager
Senior Facilities Coordinator
Facilities Assistants

Motive Studio: Corporate Communications

Senior Manager Corporate Communications

Motive Studio: Legal Services

Senior Counsel
Legal Counsel


CTO General Manager

Frostbite: Frostbite Engineering

Director of Engineering Guildford
Director of Engineering Vancouver
Director of Engineering Montreal
Director of Engineering Stockholm
Group Development Directors
Group Product Owner Vancouver
Group Product Owner Stockholm
Group Technical Director
Product Owners
Technical Directors
Development Directors
Development Managers
QA Managers
QA Project Leads
Production Coordinator
Animation and Cinematics
Audio and Movie
Engineering Workflows
Game and Content Framework
User Interface
Quality Engineering - Technical Director

Frostbite: Frostbite Engagement Services

Director of Frostbite Engagement Services
Account Managers
Product Owner
Technical Directors
Development Directors
Production Coordinator

Frostbite: General Frostbite

Special Thanks


Special Thanks to
  • The Origin & EA Access teams

Business Affairs Development

Senior Vice President Business Affairs and Development
Vice President Business Affairs
Vice Senior Directors Business Development
Director Talent
Manager Talent
Senior Manager Music Licensing
Senior Director Worldwide External Development
Manager Worldwide External Development
Production Assistant Business Development

Business Affairs Development: Additional Credits

Additional Production Coordinator Talent

EA Star Wars

General Manager
Director Partnership Management
Senior Art Director

EA Shanghai

Development Director
Art Director
Technical Artist
Senior Artist
Art Lead
Concept Artist
3D Artists
Character Artists

EA Shanghai: Additional Credits

Additional Animator
Additional VFX
Additional Artists

The Capture Lab

Senior Development Director
Production Coordinator
Development Directors
Senior Capture Lab Producers
Production Assistants
Character Modeler
Capture Lab Animators
Associate Animators
Assistant Animators
CG Supervisor
Sr. Technical Artist
Motion Capture Acquisition Specialists
Motion Capture Assistant Animator

Global Analytics and Insights

Senior VP

Global Analytics and Insights: Game Analytics

Senior Director
Senior Director EU
Team Lead Analytics
Senior Development Director
Lead Engineer
Senior Business Analysts
Advanced Analyst
Business Analysts
Data Architect
Associate Data Architect
Technical Director
Development Director
Lead Data Engineer
Data Engineers
Data Analyst

Global Analytics and Insights: Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights Manager
Quality Insights Manager
Consumer Insights Analyst

Global Analytics and Insights: UXR

Director UX Research
UX Research Director
Head of UX Operations
UX Research Manager
Senior IT Lab Technician
Senior UX Researchers
Associate UX Researcher
Research Moderator
Research Operations

Central Marketing Organization

Chief Marketing Officer

Central Marketing Organization: Global Brand Management

Vice President Global Marketing
Senior Brand Director
Brand Managers
Live Services Brand Manager
Senior Brand Manager

Central Marketing Organization: Global Communications Group

SVP Global Communication Group

Central Marketing Organization: Global Campaign Management

VP Global Campaign Management
Directors Global Campaign Management
Global Campaign Leads
Global Campaign Managers

Central Marketing Organization: Content and Digital Strategy

VP Content and Digital Strategy
Head of Creative
Head of Video Production
Creative Director
Creative Asset Producer
Senior Art Director
Asset Producer
Associate Asset Producer
Cinematic Artist
Editor in Chief
Senior Manager Editor in Chief
Editorial Strategist Editor in Chief
Senior Manager Content and Digital Strategy
Copy Chief

Central Marketing Organization: Content Adaptation and Distribution

Senior Manager
Media Content Manager
International Media Publishing Manager

Central Marketing Organization: Channel Strategy

Senior Managers
Senior Analyst
Senior SEO Strategist

Central Marketing Organization: Digital Intelligence

Senior Manager
Conversion Manager
Digital Analyst

Central Marketing Organization: Community Engagement Team

Senior Director Communications
Director Community
Senior Manager Global Community Engagement
Managers Global Community Engagement
Social Content Editor
Social Media Strategists
Content Producer
Community Operations Specialist
Production Coordinator

Central Marketing Organization: Earned and Corporate Communication

EA Global Content Manager
Regional Content Leads
Senior PR Manager

Central Marketing Organization: UX and Design

Senior Director UX and Design
Experience Design Lead
Experience Designers

Central Marketing Organization: Pulse

Executive Producer
Senior Director of Product Management
Technical Director
Director of PMO
Head of Technical Operations
Senior Product Manager
Associate Product Manager
Development Director
Global Digital Publishing Manager
Global Content Manager
Content Managers
Associate Technical Director
Software Engineers
Senior Systems Engineer
System Administrators
Pulse QA Manager
QA Team Lead
Dev Support QA
Test Automation Lead
Test Automation Engineer
EABR Project Manager
EABR Lead Testers
Additional QA Support

Central Marketing Organization: Events

Senior Events Producer

Central Marketing Organization: Global Engagement and Acquisition

VP Global Engagement and Acquisition

Central Marketing Organization: Global Lifecycle Marketing

Director Global Lifecycle Marketing
Senior Marketing Managers Global Lifecycle Marketing

Central Marketing Organization: Global Media

Director Global Media

Central Marketing Organization: Global Media Strategy

Global Media Strategist
Global Media Portfolio Lead

Central Marketing Organization: Global Media Activation

Global Director Media Activation
European Lead Director Media Activation
Global Search Lead
Global Programmatic Lead
Search Lead Europe
Senior Search Buyer
Programmatic Buyers
Social Buyers
Search Buyer

Central Marketing Organization: Global Media Planning and Martech

Senior Director Global Media Planning and Martech

Central Marketing Organization: Global Media Planning

Director NA and LATAM
Senior Manager FRBNL and Europe
Senior Manager Nordics and Emerging Markets
Media Planner UKIE
Media Planner APAC
Media Planner DASCH
Media Planner ESPR

Central Marketing Organization: Global Media Martech Infrastructure and Operations

Director Marketing Infrastructure and Operations
Engineer Marketing Infrastructure and Operations
Senior Manager Marketing Infrastructure and Operations
Managers Marketing Infrastructure and Operations
Product Manager
Marketing Reporting Program Manager
Senior Marketing Data Analyst

Central Marketing Organization: Campaign Operations

Program Manager
Senior Campaign Specialist
Campaign Specialist

Central Marketing Organization: Strategic Alliance Marketing

Senior Director Strategic Alliance Marketing
Senior Account Manager Strategic Alliance Marketing

Central Marketing Organization: Media Billing

Billing Manager
Billing Coordinator

Central Marketing Organization: Video Localization

Video Localization Coordinator
Video Editors
Video Localization Quality Assurance Specialist

Global Publishing Organization

EVP Global Publishing Organization

Global Publishing Organization: American Publishing Organization Sales

Vice President Commercial Management
Senior Director Demand Planning
Senior Director Digital Sales
Senior Business Planning Manager
Senior Manager Digital and First Party
Digital Merchandising Manager
Digital Merchandising Leads

Global Publishing Organization: American Publishing Organization Marketing

Director Publishing
Retail Marketing Manager
Special Thanks to

Global Publishing Organization: International Publishing Organization

SVP International Publishing
VP European Publishing
Country Manager (UK)

Global Publishing Organization: Marketing and Communications

Head of Product Marketing Nordic
Head of Communications Nordic
Associate Product Manager Nordic
Social and Community Managers Nordic
Head of Product Marketing APAC and MEA
Head of Communications APAC and MEA
Marketing and Communications Manager ANZ
Marketing and Communications Manager Japan
Marketing and Communications Manager MEA
Communications Engagement Manager ANZ
Communications Engagement Manager Japan
Head of Product Marketing UKI
Communications Manager UKI
Community Manager UK
Regional Marketing Manager Iberia
Product Marketing Manager Iberia
Head of Communications Iberia
PR Specialist Coordinator Iberia
Community Manager Iberia
Head of Communications Poland and Emerging Markets
Communications Manager Poland and Emerging Markets
Social and Community Manager Poland and Emerging Markets
Head of Product Marketing Poland and Emerging Markets
Head of Communications Russia
Communications Manager Russia
Head of Product Marketing Russia
Social and Community Manager Russia
Head of Product Marketing France and Benelux
Product Marketing Manager France and Benelux
Head of Communications France and Benelux
Communications Manager France and Benelux
Community Manager France and Benelux
Head of Media and Innovation GSA
Head of Communications GSA
Senior Communications Manager GSA
Head of Product Marketing GSA
Senior Product Marketing Manager GSA
Product Marketing Manager GSA
Marketing Intern GSA
Head of Product Marketing Italy
Head of Communications Italy
Head of Communications LATAM
Head of Marketing EA Games LATAM

Global Publishing Organization: International Events

Head of International Publishing Events
Event Producers International Publishing

Global Publishing Organization: International Sales

Commercial Manager Europe
IPO Trade Marketing Manager
Head of Sales
Trade Marketing Manager
Senior Key Account
Key Account
Trade Marketing Manager GSA
Key Account [2]
Business Manager ANZ and MEA
ANZ Sales Manager
MEA Account Manager
ANZ Account Manager
ANZ and MEA Coordinator
Business Manager Asia
Business Manager Japan
Key Account Manager
Trade Channel Marketing Manager APAC and MEA
Commercial Manager UKI
Senior NAM UKI

Global Publishing Organization: International Demand Planning

Demand Planning Manager UKI
Demand Planning Manager Iberia
Demand Planning Manager ANZ and MEA
Demand Planning Manager Japan and SEA GC

Global Publishing Organization: Asia Insights Analytics and Demand Planning

APAC Director Insights Analytics and Demand Planning
APAC Manager Insights Analytics and Demand Planning

Worldwide Customer Experience: Lead Team

Partner Engagement Director
Launch Managers
Product Support Manager
Product Experts

Worldwide Customer Experience: Strategy Programs and Insights

Senior Readiness Manager
Project Manager
Senior Program Managers
Program Manager
Senior Manager
Senior Analyst

Worldwide Customer Experience: Player Experience Operations

Fraud Risk Analysts
Social Support Advisors
Senior Community Administrator
Community Coordinators
Community Forum Lead
Vendor Managers
Senior Managers Player Escalations
Player Escalations Operations Manager
X Pilots Team Manager
Teams of Service Manager
Teams of Service Administrator
PX Command Center Senior Manager
PX Command Center Incident Managers
Senior Analysts
Process Analyst
Ops Planning Scheduling Analyst
Forecast and Demand Manager
Demand Planning
Senior Manager Process and Ops Planning
Senior Forecaster
Process Manager
Training Specialist
Site Publisher
Live Ops Analysts

Worldwide Customer Experience: Communications and Employee Engagement

Content Author

Worldwide Customer Experience: Other

Thank you
  • To all our dedicated Worldwide Customer Experience team helping players have a great experience.
  • Thank you for your contribution; we know who you are and appreciate you caring for our players.

EA Legal

Vice President Business Affairs
Senior Counsels
Legal Counsel
Senior Ecommerce and Consumer Protection Counsel
Senior Privacy Counsel
Legal Associates
Director Talent

EA Global Product Lifecycle Management: Product Lifecycle Management

Senior Director Product Lifecycle Management
PLM Director
Senior Global PLM Manager
Global PLM Project Management Lead
PLM Project Managers
PLM Franchise Project Manager

EA Global Product Lifecycle Management: PLM Submissions

Product and Planning Release Director
PLM Submissions Managers
PLM Submissions Planners
Origin and Age Ratings PLM Submissions Planners
Digital Product Submissions Planner
PLM Submissions Coordinator

EA Global Product Lifecycle Management: PLM Digital Publishing

PLM Senior Digital Product Release Managers

EA Global Product Lifecycle Management: PLM Studio Submissions

PLM Store Manager
PLM Studio Submissions Manager

Additional [2]

Global Media Portfolio Lead
Digital Media Buyers
Associate Media Planner
Brand Manager Intern
Associate Brand Manager
Global Campaign Lead
Senior Business Delivery Manager
SEA Account Manager

EA Global Product Lifecycle Management: Real Time Operations

Real Time Operations Lead
PLM Senior Submissions Coordinator
PLM Submissions Coordinators
Product Release Technicians II
Product Release Technicians I

EA Security

EA Security

EA Studio Operations

Development Director
Senior Program Manager
Special Thanks

WWQA Management

Head of EA Studios Dev QA
Senior QA Director
QA Project Lead
Senior QA Analyst

EA Core QA: EA Romania QA

Senior Test Director
Core QA Site Test Manager
QA Manager
QA Project Manager
QA Project Leads

EA Core QA: QA Leads

QA Leads

EA Core QA: QA Testers

QA Testers

EA Core QA: EA Baton Rouge

Senior QA Director
QA Manager
QA Project Manager
QA Project Lead
QA Test Leads

EA Core QA: QA Analysts

QA Analysts

EA Core QA: Additional QA Support

Additional QA Support

EA Core QA: Tested at EA Baton Rouge

Tested at EA Baton Rouge
  • A facility developed with the assitance of the Louisiana Economic Development's Office of Entertainment Industry Development.

EA Core QA: Age Ratings

Age Ratings

EA Localization

Localization Portfolio Managers
Localization Project Managers
Localization Audio Artists
Localization Engineering Project Lead
Localization Engineering Technical Team
l18n Engineering Project Lead
l18n Engineering Technical Team
Localization Testing Leads
Localization Testers
EAJ Project Localization Manager
EAJ Localization Testing Coordinators
EAJ Localization Testing Team
  • entalize Co. Ltd.
TC Localization Team
Localization Compliance Specialists
Localization Translation
  • Synthesis
  • La Marque Rose
  • B√∂ck GmbH
  • Locsmith Biuro tlumaczen Bartos Klofik
  • Bartosz-Filip Klofik
  • Quoted Edi√ß√£o e Processamento Ltda Me
Asset Localization
Localization Audio Capture
Localization Recording Studios
  • Synthesis
  • Rec Games
  • Rain Productions
  • Kite Team
  • Roboto Translation
  • Dune Sound
Localization Voice Talent Brazilian Portuguese
Localization Voice Talent Mexican Spanish
Localization Voice Talent Spanish
Localization Voice Talent Polish
Localization Voice Talent German
Localization Voice Talent Italian
Localization Voice Talent Japanese
Localization Voice Talent French

EA Compliance and Certification

Certification Management
Project Manager
Project Lead
Site Managers
Senior Test Specialists
Senior Tester
Madrid Test Team
Romania Test Team

EA Digital Platform Team: Commerce Identity

Vice President
Sr. Director of Engineering
Director of Program Management
Director of Operations
Sr. Systems Engineer
Systems Engineer

EA Digital Platform Team: Data

Sr. Technical Program Manager
Sr. Product Manager
Principal Data Scientist
Data Scientist
Director Engineering
Software Engineers III
Software Engineer II
Senior Data Engineer
Senior Software Engineer I

EA Digital Platform Team: Gameplay Services

Sr. Manager Software Engineering
Sr. Software Engineer QA
Software Engineers QA
Director Program Management
Sr. Program Managers
Program Manager
Software Engineers Ops
Sr. Manager Engineering
Software Engineers
Associate Developer
Sr. Director Engineering
Sr. Manager Software Engineer
Sr. Software Engineers

EA Digital Platform Team: EADP Cloud Social and Marketplace

VP Cloud Social and Marketplace Engineering

EA Digital Platform Team: Cloud Platform

Senior Director of Engineering
Senior Director of Product Management
Lead Software Engineers
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Program Manager
Software Engineers
Program Manager

EA Digital Platform Team: Social

EADP Social Platform Product Management
Director Engineering
Sr. Manager Engineering
Manager Engineering
Sr. Program Managers
Senior Software Engineer
Software Engineers

EA Digital Platform Team: Marketplace

Director of Engineering
Director of Product Management
Lead Software Engineers
Online Technical Director
Senior Software Engineers
Software Engineers
Software Engineering Interns
Program Managers
UX Designer

EA Digital Platform Team: Player and Development Experience

Senior Director Test Engineering
Senior Manager Program Management
Engineering Program Managers
Technical Director Test Engineering
Senior Manager Engineering
Software Engineer Lead
Sr. Managers Software Engineering
Principal Product Manager
Sr. Software Engineers
Software Engineer II
Software Engineers
Data Scientist
QA Manager
QA Analysts II
QA Analysts I

EA Digital Platform Team: Engagement Services

Vice President
Senior Director
Senior Developer Relations Manager

EA Technical Operations: Technical Operations

Vice President

EA Technical Operations: Techops Europe

Engagement Manager
Service Operations Managers
Network Engineer

EA Technical Operations: Service Delivery

Senior Director
Systems Engineering Senior Managers
Systems Engineering Manager
Systems Engineering Delivery Manager
Systems Engineering Delivery Engineers
Systems Engineering Systems Engineers
Systems Engineering Senior Systems Engineer
Database Services Senior Managers
Database Services Database Architect
Database Services Senior DBA
Database Services DB Engineer
Hosting Operations Director
Hosting Operations CDN Service Manager
Hosting Operations Hosting Operations Engineer
Hosting Operations Infrastructure Manager
Hosting Operations Managed Hosting Specialist

EA Technical Operations: Engineering and Technology

Senior Director
Senior Manager
Monitoring Engineers
Systems Engineer

EA Technical Operations: Strategy and Planning

Senior Director
Project Coordinator
Senior Program Manager
Senior Manager
Business Solutions Analyst

EA Technical Operations: Service Engineering

Senior Manager
Online Integration Architect
Network Engineers
Experience and Optimization Director
Experience and Optimization Change Manager
Experience and Optimization Service Operations Manager
Experience and Optimization Senior Service Operations Manager
Experience and Optimization Service Operation Manager
Experience and Optimization Change Coordinator

EA Studios Europe

SVP Group General Manager
Group Head of Technology
Head of Operations
VP Global Brand Management
Group Finance Director
Director of HR
Exec Assistant

EA Studios

EVP EA Studios
VP Finance
VP Human Resources
Corporate Communication
Executive Assistant

Lucasfilm: Lucasfilm Games Team

Executive Producer
Senior Producer
Associate Producer
Additional Production Support
Brand Quality Assurance Lead
Brand Quality Assurance Assistant Lead
Brand Quality Assurance Testers
Product Marketing Director
Lead Brand Marketing Manager
Manager, Public Relations
Marketing Coordinator
Senior Brand Creative Director
Graphic Designer
Vice President, Lucasfilm Games
Executive Assistant
Director, Business Intelligence Technology
Director, Consumer Insights

Lucasfilm: Lucasfilm Story Group

SVP Development
VP Development
Creative Executives
Keeper of the Holocron
Executive Assistant

Lucasfilm: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Executive Vice President & General Manager
Vice President, Publicity & Communications
Vice President, Franchise MKTG & Integrated Planning
Vice President and Executive Creative Director, Star Wars
Art Department Production Manager
Associate Art Department Production Manager
Creative Art Manager

Lucasfilm: Lucasfilm Business Affairs

Deputy Chief Counsel
Vice President, Business Affairs & Legal Counsel
Assistant Chief Counsel
Director, Business Affairs & Legal Counsel
Senior Contract Administration
Senior Manager, Contract Administration

Lucasfilm: Lucasfilm Localization Team

Head of Localization
Localization Coordinator

Lucasfilm: Lucasfilm Publishing Team

Director, Creative
Executive Editor
Senior Editors
Assistant Editor

Lucasfilm: Lucasfilm Art & Asset Management Team

Lucasfilm Art & Asset Management Team

Lucasfilm: Skywalker Sound

Sound Design
Audio Archivist
Dialogue Recordist
Original Star Wars Sound Design
Vice President & General Manager

Lucasfilm: Disney Consumer Products, Star Wars

Senior Vice President, Licensing & Franchise
Vice President, Licensing
Director, Product Development

Lucasfilm: Lucasfilm Online Team

Lucasfilm Online Team

Lucasfilm: Lucasfilm Special Thanks

Lucasfilm Special Thanks
Very Special Thanks


Voice Talent
Acting Talent


Original Star Wars Music
  • John T. Williams (Composer)
  • ‚Ąó & ¬© Lucasfilm Ltd.
  • All rights reserved.
  • Used under authorization.
  • Published by Bantha Music [BMI]
  • Administered by and/or co-published with Warner Tamerlane Music Publishing Corp. [BMI]
Original Music Composition
Original Music Orchestration
Original Music Performed by
  • The London Symphony Orchestra and the London Voices
Original Music Recorded at
  • Abbey Road Studios - London
Original Music Recording Engineer
Original Music Conductor
Original Music Preparation
  • Black Ribbon Pro
Original Music Session Coordinator
Original Music Librarians
Original Music Proofreading
Original Music Mix and Mastering
Original Music Synthestration and Music Editing

Music: Original Music Additional Composition and Orchestration

Original Music Additional Composition and Orchestration
Original Music Assistant to Mr Haab
'Ma Kapar' Written and Produced by
Executive Music Producer
Music Licensing Manager

Development Partners: Chimney

VFX Supervisor
VFX Confirm
VFX Artists
Post Producer Chimney

Development Partners: Goodbye Kansas Studios Capture Division

Executive Producer
Line Producer Mocap Supervisor
Mocap Lead
Stage Manager
Mocap Artists
Mocap Actors

Development Partners: Important Looking Pirates

VFX Supervisor
VFX Producer
VFX Coordinator
Lead Artist
3D Artists

Development Partners: Svenska Stuntgruppen

Svenska Stuntgruppen

Development Partners: Airship Images

Art Director
Art Producer
Character Artists

Development Partners: Take One

Take One

Development Partners: Armstrong Film

Line Producer
Director of Photography
Sound Designer
Executive Producer

Development Partners: Ghost VFX

VFX Producer
VFX Supervisors
Lead TD
Lead Modeler
Lead Houdini Artist
Houdini Artists
Lightning Artists

Development Partners: Side UK Ltd

Voice Production Sound Production and Performance
Casting Director and Production Manager
Production Assistant
Voice Recording Engineers
On Location Voice Recording Engineer
Recording Studios Sound Production and Performance
  • SIDE

Development Partners: Side LA

Voice Production Sound Production and Performance
Head of Studio
Business Development Manager
Production Manager
Voice Recording Engineers
Production and Facility Assistant

Development Partners: Virtuos

General Manager
Director of Business Development
Account Manager
Assistant Technical Art Director
Technical Artist
Senior Art Director
Art Director
Assistant Art Directors
Team Leaders
Lead Artist
Art Producers
Animation Directors
Assistant IT Director
Lead System Admin
Lead Network Engineer
IT Specialists
Additional Technical Artist
Additional Artists
Special Thanks

Development Partners: Source Sound Inc.

Cinematics and Trailer Sound Services
  • Source Sound Inc.
Supervising Sound Designer
Supervising Sound Designer and Mixer
Supervising Foley Editor
Sound Designer
Sound Editors
Additional Re-recording Mixers

Development Partners: Formosa Interactive

Audio Services Provided by
  • Formosa Interactive
Vice President
Director Voice Over Services
Senior Project Manager
Project Coordinators
Administrative Assistant
Lead Engineer
Assistant Engineers
Editorial Supervisor
Editorial Coordinator
Additional Services Provided by
  • Paradyme Studios
  • Polarity Post

Development Partners: Foley Walkers Studio

Foley Mixer
Foley Artist

Development Partners: The Volume Inc

Voice Director

Development Partners: Mindwalk

Environment Team Lead
Character Team Lead
Rigging Team Lead
Character Artists

Development Partners: Original Force 3D

Project Manager
Animation Director
Team Lead
Quality Check

Development Partners: 3Lateral

Principal R&D Engineer
Project Coordinators
Production Assistant
Lead Character Rigger
Supervisor Character Rigger
Character Riggers
Supervisor Character Artists
Character Artists
Lead Programmer
Lead Scan Technician
Supervisor Scan Technicians
Scan Technicians
Lead System Engineer
System Engineer
IT Technicians
HR Manager
Studio Manager
Studio Assistant
Supervisor Technical Modellers
Technical Modellers

Development Partners: House of Moves

Development Manager
Heads of Production Technology
Stage Manager
System Administrator
Capture Operator
Stage Assists
QA Body
Head Mounted Camera Assistant
Realtime Operators
Video Lead
Camera Operators
Makeup Artists
Set Medic

Development Partners: Hypnos Entertainment

Core System Programmer

Development Partners: Phoenix Mastering

Dialogue Mastering Engineers

Development Partners: Additional Development Partners

Campaign Performance Director
Additional VO Editing
Additional Voice Over Walla Casting and Directing
Additional VO Studio
  • Lamajeure

Star Wars Battlefront Babies

Star Wars Battlefront Babies

In Loving Memory of

In Loving Memory of

Special Thanks [2]

Thanks to
Special Thanks to Battlefront Game Changers

EA Core QA: Live QV

Senior QA Manager
Live QA Project Manager
Live QA Project Lead
Senior QA Analysts
QA Analysts
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Credits contributed by Viktor Raykov, CarlSilver, Sciere.