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The Dig

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DOS credits (1995)

235 people (207 professional roles, 28 thanks) with 255 credits.

Designed by
Directed by
Based on a Concept by
Dialogue by
Additional Story by
Additional Additional Story by
Art Style
Creature Concept
Lead Artist
Background Art
Supervising Animators
Special Effects Animators
Additional Animation
Lead Programmer
3D Animation - Lucasarts
3D Animation - Mechadeus
3D Animation - Industrial Light & Magic
Cel Painters
Art Techs
Lead Effects Technician
Effects Technician
Music by
Orchestral Excerpts from
  • Richard Wagner (Wagner: Overtures & Preludes [P] 1972 - [P] 1975 EMI Records Ltd. Compilation [P] 1989 EMI Records Ltd. All Rights Reserved)
Feedback Network, Guitar & Digeridoo by
Violin & Viola
Ambient Sound
Sound Effects
SCUMM System
Bootmaker Program
INSANE Animation System
iMUSE Music System
Voice Director/Producer
Voice Editor
Assistant Voice Editors
Voice Processing Supervisor
Voice Production Assistance
Voice Production Thanks
Lead Tester
Lead Compatibility Testing
Compatibility Testing
QA Manager
QA Supervisor
QA Archivist
Product Marketing Manager
Public Relations Manager
Public Relations Specialist
Package Design
  • Soo Hoo Design
Manual Design
  • Shepard Associates
Production Coordinator
Production Manager
Administrative Support

Deutsche Version

√úbersetzung Handbuch
√úbersetzung Ingame
Satz und Reinzeichnung
  • DTK Publishing Service
  • Lippert Druck & Verlag

Misc. Management

President (& Member)
Director of Marketing/Sales
Director of Technology
Art Department Director
Art Department Operations Supervisor
Director of Production
General Counsel
Human Resources
National Sales Manager
Manufacturing & Distribution
Manager, International
International Production Manager
Voice Department Manager
I.S. Manager
And a special 'uh huk to
Finance & Accounting
Sales & Manufacturing Support
Kept our computers working
Product Support Manager
Product Support Supervisor
Hint Line Supervisor
Product Support Leads
Hint Line Reps
Tech Reps

Gratuitous Dig Spinoffs

See us on the world wide web
  • www.lucasarts.com
The Dig Players Guide by
The Dig soundtrack
  • Available from Angel Records
The Dig Novel by
The Dig Novel: Audio Drama by
  • (Yes
  • really)


Gratefull Thanks to the Eternally Patient
Ghosts of Digs Past
Additional Thanks
Very Special Thanks to
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Credits contributed by The Greek, Derrick 'Knight' Steele, formercontrib, chirinea, Robert Teichmann.