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Windows credits (2010)

794 people (633 professional roles, 161 thanks) with 803 credits.

Raven Software

Singularity Team
Additional Development
Also Thanks
Studio Admin
Special Thanks
Raven Babies
And a very special thanks to
  • our spouses
  • family
  • and friends who have given us their love
  • patience
  • and support along the way.
  • Without which this game could not have been made.


Associate Producer
Production Coordinator
Additional Production
Senior Producer
Senior Executive Producer
Studio Head
VP Customer Serivce
Director, QA
Technical Requirement Group Manager
TRG Submissions Leads
TRG Submissions Adjutant
TRG Senior Platform Leads
TRG Platform Leads
TRG Testers
Manager, QA Labs
QA Certification Group Senior Leads
QA Certification Group Project Leads
QA Certification Group Testers
QA Network Lab Project Leads
QA Network Lab Tester
QA Multiplayer Lab Lead
QA MPL Senior Tester
QA MPL Testers
QA Audio Visual Lab Senior Project Lead
QA AV Lab Senior Tester
QA AV Lab Testers
Senior Manager, QA Technologies
Lead Mastering Lab Technician
Senior Mastering Lab Technician
Mastering Lab Technicians
QA-MIS Manager
QA-MIS Lead Technician
QA-MIS Technicians
Technology Technician
Senior Lead Database Administrator
Lead Database Administrator
Database Technicians
Manager, QA PMO
Senior Lead, QA PMO
Lead, QA PMO
Customer Support Manager
Senior Manager, Global Support
QA Special Thanks
Global Brand Manager
Associate Brand Manager
Director, Global Brand Management
VP, Global Brand Management
VP, Corporate Communications
Senior Director, Corporate Communications
Director, Corporate Communications
Senior Publicist, Corporate Communications
Publicist, Corporate Communications
Senior Director, Marketing Communications
Coordinator, Marketing Communications
Director, Interactive Marketing
Coordinator, Interactive Marketing
Director, Supply Chain Operations
Project Manager, Supply Chain
Senior Paralegal
Director, Business & Legal Affairs
Trade Marketing Manager
Associate Trade Marketing Manager
Trade Promotions, Senior Manager
Senior Director, Trade Marketing
Senior Director, Localisation
Localisation Manager
Localisation Project Manager
Localisation Support Analyst
Localisation QA Manager
Localisation QA Assistant Manager
Localisation QA Lead
Localisation Floor Lead
Localisation QA Testers
Senior Burn Lab Technician
Burn Lab Technician
IT Network Technician
Localisation Tools & Support provided by
Game Design Analyst
Story & Script Consultant
Senior Game Designers
VP of Game Design
Senior Manager, Central User-Testing
User-Testing Coordinator
User-Testing Supervisor
Senior Art Director
Outsourcing Director Art Production
Outsourcing Technical Art Director
Outsourcing Production Manager
Outsourcing Production Coordinator
Installers Associate Software Engineer
Manager of Art Services
Associate Video Specialist, Art Services
Lead, Art Services
Coordinator, Art Services
Video Lab Technicians, Art Services
Director of Audio
Talent Acquisitions Manager
Talent Associate
Talent Coordinator
Senior Audio Programmer
Sound Designer
Special Thanks

Activision El Segundo (QA Functionality)

QA Project Leads
QA Project Lead - Night Shift
QA Senior Testers
QA Senior Testers - Night Shift
QA Testers
QA Testers - Night Shift
QA Senior Project Lead
QA Senior Project Lead - Night Shift
QA Manager
QA Manager - Night Shift

Activision Quebec (QA Functionality)

QA Project Lead
QA Testers
QA Database Specialists
QA Database Technician
QA Senior Project Lead
QA Manager
QA IT Technician
QA IT Lead
Admin Assistant
HR Supervisor
Ops Supervisor



English Cast

James Devlin
Nikolai Demichev
Kathryn Norvikova
Viktor Barisov
Additional Voices

PCB Productions - Los Angeles, CA

Voice Direction
Voice Engineering
Dialog Editorial
VO Production Manager

External Contributors

Additional Sound Design
  • EarBash Audio Inc.
Music Composed by
Written by
Additional Story & Writing
Additional Cinematics
  • Pendulum Studios
Additional Content
  • Nerve Software
Additional Art
Fonts Provided by
  • T26 Inc.

PiC Agency

Opening Prologue Sequence

XPEC Entertainment Inc.

Art Director
Art Leader
Project Manager
Business Development
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