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Call of Duty: Black Ops

aka: Blops, Call of Duty 7
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[ PlayStation 3 ] [ Wii add ] [ Windows ] [ Xbox 360 ]

Windows credits (2010)

1,556 people (1,428 professional roles, 128 thanks) with 1,649 credits.


Directed by
Executive Producer
Director, Online
Project Senior Producer
Project Lead, PC Team
Associate Producers
Production Coordinator
Build Managers
Associate Build Managers
Additional Production
Chief Technology Officer
Vice President, Technology
Project Technical Director
Project Lead Engineer
Lead Engineers, Online
Lead Engineer
Lead Engineer, PC Team
Senior Engineers
Associate Engineer
Additional Engineering
Art Director
Technical Art Director
Associate Art Directors
Lead Character / Weapons Artist
Lead Character Artists
Character Artists
Lead Effects Artist
Associate Effects Artist
Effects Artists
Vehicle / Weapon Artists
Associate Weapons Artist
Environment Artists
Additional Environment Artist
Lead Technical Artist
Technical Artist
Lead UI Artist
UI Artist
Lead Lighting Artist
Lighting Artists
Additional Lighting
Concept Artists
Additional Concept Art
Additional Art
Animation Director
Lead Animator
Lead Cinematics Animator
Cinematics Animators
Additional Animation
Creative Director
Design Director, Online
Lead Designer
Lead Script Engineer
Senior Scripter
Associate Scripters
Lead Level Builder
Senior Level Builder
Level Builders
Associate Level Builders
Systems Designer
Associate Designer
Additional Design Support
Story by
Story Consultant
Written by
Additional Writing
Dialog Consultant
Cinematics Designer
Production Support
Design Directors, Zombies
Senior Game Designer
Audio Director
Lead Audio Designer
Audio Designers
Senior Audio Engineer
Audio Intern


Senior Producer
Associate Producer
Production Coordinator
Associate Build Manager
Art Director
Art Interns
Associate Scripters

Studio Management

Studio Head
Vice President
Chief Technology Officer
Studio Creative Director
Vice President, Technology
Director of Technology
Community Manager
Senior Manager, Online Services
HR Manager
Senior Director, Operations
Senior Manager, Operations
Operations Coordinator
Senior IT Manager
IT Technician
Senior Recruiter
Production Test Manager
Project Test Leads
Floor Test Leads
Development Support Testers
Production Testers
Additional Contributions


Frank Woods
Joseph Bowman
Jason Hudson
Viktor Reznov
Dr. Clarke
Alex Mason

Additional Cast

John F. Kennedy
Terrance Brooks
Tank Dempsey (Zombies)
Friedrich Steiner
Fidel Castro
Lev Kravchenko
Grigori Weaver
Nikita Dragovich
Takeo (Zombies)
Dimitri Petrenko
Richard Nixon
Richtofan (Zombies)
Robert Mcnamara
Nikolai (Zombies)
Body & Face Full Performance Actor
Additional Voices

Music Score

Original Music and Composition by
Orchestration by
Score Conducted by
Score Recording by
Score Mixing by
Score Concert Master
Featured Violinist
Solo Cellist
Score Preparation by
Music Editorial by
Digital Recordist
Orchestra Contractor
Music Preparation
Orchestra Recorded at the
  • Eastwood Scoring Stage Warner Bros
Score Recordist
Score Technical Engineer
Stage Crew
Stage Manager
Orchestral Score Supervisor
Additional Original Music Composition
Additional Music by
Kevin Sherwood's Guitars Supplied by
  • Nevborn Guitars
Original Music Compositions For D.O.A.
Special Thanks
Weapon Recordist
Additional Writing
Military & Historical Consultants
Sacred Inc. – Dagger Media Group

Numbers Live Action Sequence

Filmed at
  • Smashbox Studios

Activision Capture Studio

Motion Capture Director
Motion Capture Supervisor
Motion Capture Lead
Technical Character Lead
Associate Producer
Scan Technicians
Motion Capture Talent
Assistant Directors
Performance Motion Capture Services by
  • House of Moves
Marker Cleanup
  • Animation Vertigo
Motion Graphics Sequences
Spov Special Thanks
Additional Cinematic
  • Studio G Productions
Segment Director
Additional Tracking
Lighting & Compositing

Additional Development Support

Nerve Software
Nerve Special Thanks
Pi Studios
Raven Software
Certain Affinity

Activision / Production Management Group

Executive Producer
Senior Producer
Associate Producers
Production Coordinators
Additional Production Support
Vice President, Production
Head of Production
SVP, Production & Development

Activision / Global Brand Management

Sr. Global Brand Manager
Associate Brand Managers
Sr. Director of Marketing
Head of Marketing
EVP & General Manager, COD BU

Activision / Public Relations

PR Director
PR Manager
Associate Publicist
PR Special Thanks

Activision / Production Services Europe

Senior Director of Production Services - Europe
Localisation Manager
Senior Localisation Project Manager
Localisation Project Manager
Localisation Support Analyst
Localisation QA Manager
Localisation Assistant QA Manager
Localisation QA Lead
Localisation QA Floor Leads
Localisation QA Testers
IT Network Technician
Localisation Tools & Support Provided by
Localized Dialogue Processing by
  • Technicolor Interactive Services

Activision Studio Central

Executive Producer
Associate Producer
Director, Online
Studio Central Admin

Studio Central Engineering

VP, Technology
Principal Technical Director
Engineering Interns
Associate Software Engineer
Sr. Software Engineers
Technical Directors
Network Engineer

Central Technology


Central Design

VP, Design
Sr. Data Mining Specialist
Sr. Manager, Scripts
Lead Game Designer
Game Design Analyst

Central User-Testing

Sr. Manager, Central User-Testing
User-Testing Supervisor
User-Testing Lead
User-Testing Interns

Talent & Audio Management Group

Director of Central Talent
Talent Acquisitions Manager
Talent Associate
Talent Coordinator
Senior Audio Programmer
Senior Sound Designer

Music Department

Vice President, Music Affairs
Director of Music Affairs
Senior Music Supervisor
Senior Audio Assets Specialist
Music Supervisors
Music & Licensing Coordinator
International Music & Licensing Manager

Studio Central - Art

VP, Art Production
Technical Art Director
Sr. Character Modeler
Character Modeler
Concept Artists
Director, Art Production
Production Manager
Associate Producer

Studio Central - Animation / Factor (Facial Animation System)

Animation Director
Sr. Animator
Lead Animator
Technical Character Artist
Technical Director
Software Engineer

Studio - Activision Shanghai

Project Manager
Project Associates
Art Leads

Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing
Senior Director
Marketing Communications
Marketing Communications Manager
Interactive Marketing Coordinator
Consumer Research

Business & Legal Affairs

Chief Legal Officer
Senior Vice President & General Counsel
Senior Director, Government Affairs
Transactional Counsel
Senior Paralegal

Operations & Studio Planning

Chief Operating Officer, World Wide Studios
Vice President, Operations & Planning World Wide Studios
Senior Director, Studio Operations
Director, European Partner Relationships
Studio Planning Manager
Greenlight Coordinator
Traffic Coordinator
Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain
Director, Supply Chain Operations
Manager, Supply Chain Operations
Project Manager, Supply Chain Operations
Business Development

Art Services

Art Services Manager
Art Services Associate, Video Specialist
Art Services Associate, Screenshots & 3D
Art Services Lead
Art Services Coordinators
Art Services Video Lab Technician


Manager, Studio Finance
VP, Studio Finance & Royalties
Director, Studio Finance
Sr. Manager, Studio Finance
Sr. Financial Analyst, Studio Finance
Financial Analyst, Studio Finance
Special Thanks

Quality Assurance

Directors, Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance, Functionality – El Segundo

QA Project Leads
QA Database Specialist
QA Senior Testers
QA Testers
QA Senior Project Leads
QA Managers

Quality Assurance, Functionality – Quebec

QA Project Lead
QA Floor Leads
QA Testers
QA Focus Test Group
QA Database Specialists
QA Database Technician
QA Senior Project Lead
QA Senior Manager
QA IT Technician / Burn Room Technicians
QA IT Lead
Admin Assistant
HR / Ops Supervisor

Technical Requirements Group

TRG Manager
TRG Submissions Leads
TRG Submissions Adjutants
TRG Senior Platform Leads
TRG Platform Leads
TRG Testers
Manager, QA Labs

QA Certification Group

QA Certification Group Senior Leads
QA Certification Group Project Lead
QA Certification Group Testers

QA Network Lab

QA Network Lab Project Leads
QA Network Lab Senior Tester

QA Multiplayer Lab

QA Multiplayer Lab Lead
QA MPL Senior Tester
QA MPL Testers

QA Compatability Lab

QA-Cl Lab Project Lead
QA-Cl Lab Testers

QA Audio Visual Lab

QA AV Lab Senior Project Lead
QA AV Lab Senior Tester
QA AV Lab Testers


Manager, QA-MIS
QA-MIS Senior Technician
QA-MIS Technicians

QA Mastering Lab

Senior Lead Technician, QA Mastering Lab
Senior QA Mastering Lab Technician
QA Mastering Lab Technicians

QA Technology Group

QA Applications Programmers
Sr. Manager, QA Technologies

QA Database Administration Group

Senior Lead Database Administrator
Lead Database Administrator
Database Technicians

QA Pmo Group

Manager, QA PMO
Senior Lead, QA PMO
Lead, QA PMO

Customer Support

Senior Manager, Global Customer Support
Manager, Call Center
Supervisor, Technical Operations
Supervisor, Service Planning and Readiness
Administrator, Website and Knowledgebase
Supervisor, Escalation Support
Coordinator, Warranty Support
Coordinator, Customer Support

QA Special Thanks

Thanks to

Licensed Music

'Fortunate Son'
  • Performed by Creedence ClearwaterRevival
  • John Cameron Fogerty (Written by)
  • Published by Jondora Music
  • Courtesy of Concord Music Group Inc.
  • All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.
'Great Wall Sunrise'
  • Courtesy of MasterSource Music Catalog
  • Published by Revision West
'End of A Dynasty'
  • Courtesy of Killer Tracks
  • Published by Killer Tracks and Soundcast Music
  • Courtesy of FirstCom Music
  • published by First Digital Music
'Won't Back Down'
  • Eminem (Performed by)
  • Featuring PINK
  • Eminem (Written by)
  • DJ Khalil (Written by)
  • Erik Alcock (Written by)
  • Liz Rodrigues (Written by)
  • Columbus Smith (Written by [as C. Smith])
  • Songs of Universal Inc.
  • Shroom Shady Music /Jaleesa and Mahdi's Music
  • DJ Khalil (Produced by DJ Khalil Productions LLC.)
  • Mike Strange (Recorded by at Effigy Studios)
  • Keyboards & Additional programming by Rahki
  • DJ Khalil (Additional Keyboards & drum programming by)
  • Erik Alcock (Guitars by)
  • PINK appears courtesy of LaFace Records a unit of Sony Music Entertainment
'Sympathy For the Devil'
  • Performed by The Rolling Stones
  • Mick Jagger (Written by)
  • Keith Richards (Written by)
  • Published by ABKCO Music Inc.
  • Courtesy of ABKCO Records
  • All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission


  • is registered trademarks of and used with permission of Chrysler Group LLC.
Manual Design
  • Ignited Minds LLC
Packaging Design by
  • Petrol
Uses Bink Video
  • Copyright © 1997-2010 by RAD Game Tools Inc.
Uses Miles Sound System
  • Copyright 1991-2010 by RAD Game Tools Inc.
Fonts Licensed from
  • T26 Inc.
  • Monotype
Data Compression by
  • Oberhumer.com
Footage and Still Images Supplied by
  • Getty Images

Voice Over Recording PCB

Talent Direction
Dialog Editorial
Engineering / Adr
Talent Coordinator
Recording Facilities
  • PCB Productions - Los Angeles CA
Additional Casting
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